A Touch of Peace Therapeutic Massage
Julie Booth, LMT, LMTI

Julie Booth, LMT, LMTI

Holistic Health Practitioner 

Serving Austin as a Professional Massage Therapist since 1999
Private clinic located inside the beautiful JCCA since 2004

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After a wonderful experience in the day spa business, Julie worked closely with Chiropractic doctors to gain a different perspective on the human body, how it functions, and how to speed up the natural healing process. For three years she served as a clinic manager and performed patient exams, radiology, ultrasound, electro stimulation, intersegmental traction, and massage therapy.

In hopes of helping others have a better understanding of the vast benefits massage therapy and numerous other holistic modalities can impact the body, mind, and spirit, Julie chose to pursue and successfully obtain a license as a Massage Therapist Instructor in 2006.

"Holistic practices are non-invasive by nature, but it is my firm belief that Western and Eastern medicine each has a place in healing and wellness. As the advancement of East/West philosophies continues to embrace and complement one another, the integration is revealing profoundly positive outcomes."

"I have an insatiable appetite for learning more about how to help my clients proceed through the healing process. There are numerous alternative therapies and techniques that can be customized to the specific bodywork requirements of each individual. My goal as a therapist is to combine my skills and training and offer them to my clients in a way that will best serve them and their current needs. The healing process begins with ones desire to heal." Julie Booth

Some therapies offered during a session include: Swedish/Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Release, Myofascial Release, Active Release, THAI Foot Massage, Therapeutic Taping, Cupping, Moist Heat Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Guided Breath-work, Ear Candling, and Aromatherapy.

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