Should you get a massage if you are sick or coming down with something?

 The short answer is no. 


Massage does enhance immune system function,  however while the body is actively fighting an illness, massage may be  too taxing on the system. One effect of massage is to release toxins  from the muscle tissues and aid lymphatic function. With a healthy person this is a wonderful benefit, but while  the body is already mounting a war against a virus, flooding the system  with other stored toxins can make you feel worse and lengthen recovery  time. It is best to stay home and rest.

Medical doctors  recommend that you remain symptom free for 48 consecutive hours before  scheduling a massage to prevent relapse and to prevent the spread of a  contagion.

Additionally, if you are sick please be  courteous of the massage therapist and other clients' health; if you  have a fever or otherwise suspect you are contagious, please stay home.  The best time to reap the immune system benefits of massage is through  regular massage while you are healthy. 


For  those concerned about our 24-hour cancellation policy, you will not be  charged a missed appointment fee if you cancel due to illness.  But if it is a short-notice cancellation and you could send someone else  in your place, such as a friend or co-worker, your massage therapist  would be grateful!